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Magical Kashmir Honeymoon trip ( 2 Night 3 Days ) Book now
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Amit Tripathi

Amit Tripathi

Thank you so much for a well organized trip. We had a wonderful time. Hard to believe it's already done and past. Weather was awesome, the hotels were nice, thank to Redgotrip entire team who had done all great arrangements.



I had an amazing holiday at Shimla, Kashmir and all thanks to Redgotrip entire team who had done all great arrangements. Hotels recommended by you at Shimla, Kashmir & Gulmarg was all really good and we didn't face any problem.

Dr Rohit Yadav

Dr Rohit Yadav

I would like to thank Surya for designing such a wonderful trip to Kashmir. It was a great and well-arranged trip. I shall surely consider my future trips through Redgotrip. Hope to go on next holiday soon with Redgotrip.

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